Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Wand (or "You're putting that WHERE?")

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I hadn't gotten a period in nearly 9 months. As a sexually inactive college senior, I chalked it up to stress, but finally went to the clinic to get checked out, just in case. The doctor at the clinic drew some blood, and examined me, and prescribed Provera to bring on my errant period. I was also sent for a sonogram to check my ovaries. They asked me to drink 24 oz of water prior to the test, and hold my urine. I have a walnut sized bladder, so this was quite daunting. As the technician pressed on my abdomen with the songram thing, I whimpered and squeezed my PC muscles, praying for it to end so that I could go tinkle. Finally she stopped, and I nearly peed on the table. I ran down the hall, my open-in-the-back gown flapping, panties tucked under my arm, and nearly cried I was so relieved to... well, relieve myself.

After the doctor reviewed my test results, she determined that I did in fact have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. So I did some research, and at the time, there wasn't much out there. I saw a lot of miscarriage rate statistics, and infertility statistics, and not too much about treatment. Fortunately, I had a great Ob/Gyn who prescribed metformin and BCP's, and got me regulated.

I hadn't known until I got my diagnosis that my depression and 100lb weight gain was part of PCOS too. I experienced a lot of the side effects, and gradually started feeling better.

When I moved, I needed to find a new doctor, and found a Reproductive Endocrinologist in my insurance company's catalog. I went for my initial exam, and they told me that I'd be having a sonogram, so I expected the same thing, the pressing on the belly until you pee kind of sonogram. Well. In the 10 years since, technology had developed a little something called THE WAND. This was a rather intimidating device, that examined the inside. They didn't warn me that they were using that one, and SURPRISE - they didn't buy me dinner first, either.

So at this point in our relationship, IvoryBoy and I were planning our wedding, and talking about going off the BCP's after the honeymoon. The RE was talking about putting me on Clomid right away. I thought to myself "We're not even married yet, lady!" but instead I told them we'd come back when we were ready.

To be continued...

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