Monday, August 10, 2009

Derailed, Depressed, Delovely

Life's a b*tch, and so is Aunt Flow.

Not only did I get my period on Thursday, but the science experiment is on hold. On Friday, I went for my day 2 ultrasound and blood-work, and the Doctor found a cyst large enough to scrub this cycle. IvoryBoy and I will hopefully be able to get an appointment next week to go talk to our RE about what this means, do we need to do anything about it, and if the meds need to be adjusted.

From what I've found on message boards and other helpful websites, cysts are common. I just hope it doesn't get more painful. Right now it's just uncomfortable, and I can handle that. Not looking forward to anything more painful than that though.

Also - I wanted to welcome Shayna to my followers! Sorry for the crabby-pants entry today, I hope you'll stick around and comment anyway!


  1. I am sorry. I hope you have better luck next month. I know words don't help... but there are those who are going through similar circumstances wishing you luck. It helps me to know. I hope it helps you as well